Proof-of-Concept Prototypes

Giastar is able to efficiently produce prototype systems suitable for demonstrations, trials and R&D purposes. Links with subcontractors who specialise in low-volume rapid-turnaround mechanical parts, PCBs etc, combined with Giastar's hardware and software design capabilities, allow us to supply prototypes manufactured to a high standard: prototypes that don't look like prototypes.

The process can frequently be accelerated, while reducing the technical risk, by drawing on our own generic hardware designs (the most common of which are kept as pre-built modules) and software libraries.

Examples of proof-of-concept prototypes supplied by Giastar include (click on the images for more information):

Subminiature satcomms data terminal

Subminiature satellite data terminal with integral L-band transceiver, GPS receiver and power supply.

Miniature satellite terminal

Miniature satellite data terminal

ELINT receiver

Control subsystem and user interface for ELINT receiver. Digitiser, display, and user controls for a microwave pulse and spectrum analysis system.

Mobile satcomms voice terminal

Mobile satellite voice communications system. Mobile and earth station units (excluding voice codecs and antenna system) for initial demonstrations and trials.

Analogue direct synthesiser

Analogue direct frequency synthesiser. This synthesiser had extreme phase noise, channel switching speed and spurious output requirements that could only be met by using a novel architecture.

High performance VHF to S-band receiver front end with challenging spurious-free dynamic range and spurious emission specs.

Linux comms server

Internet access device. Linux-based dial-up server with router, http proxy, mail server and other functions.

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