Miniature L-Band Satellite Data Terminal

This is a modular terminal originally designed as part of a proof-of-concept system, with partial funding from the British National Space Centre.

Miniature terminal assembly Miniature terminal reverse Miniature terminal subunits

The purpose of the original project was to produce a prototype of a small, low-power, low-cost medium-rate data terminal compatible with the Inmarsat BGAN system. Software radio techniques were used for modem (produced by another company): the system featured here was a "black box" located between the antenna and an embedded Linux system providing an I/Q interface via the USB port.

Since completion of that project, the terminal has evolved into something more generic. Its modular construction allows it to be used as a basis for custom terminals not limited to the Inmarsat system or even to L-band satellite applications.

The terminal comprises the following modules:

The architecture has been optimised for versatility rather than minimum cost and size. The use of broadband 70MHz IFs allows the IF board to be used for fixed earth station as well as mobile applications, and RF boards for other bands can be substituted. The design is therefore ideal for construction of small batches of specialist equipment, as a development platform for software modem work, and for proof-of-concept or demonstration systems.

For applications requiring a smaller portable or mobile terminal, see the LBT1 subminiature satellite data terminal.

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