High Performance VHF - S-band Receiver Front End

This is a front end for a receiver system covering VHF to S-band, providing a broadband VHF IF output. The project was particularly challenging as the specifications for spurious-free dynamic range and spurious emissions were extreme, exceeding the performance of commercially available receivers.

Giastar's involvement in this project was system design, system integration, and testing. Specialist subcontractors were used for manufacture of functional blocks, e.g. filters, mixers and amplifiers. The first stage was a detailed design study, which involved selection of a suitable architecture, a detailed spurious analysis, and optimisation of gain distribution for maximum dynamic range. Each of the functional blocks was rigorously specified in consultation with the subcontractors. This was necessary as the specification for many of the subunits was close to the limit of what could be achieved, and the system had to work first time. It was necessary to continually feed back revised subunit specifications to the system model to allow further analysis and optimisation of the system.

The performance characteristics of the delivered system were within a few dB of the simulations.

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