AIS1 VHF Indirect Frequency Synthesiser Module

Indirect VHF synthesiser top view

This is a generic Giastar synthesiser module intended for use as a local oscillator in satcomms IF processing equipment and ATE systems. It is a single-loop indirect synthesiser that meets, among others, the Inmarsat earth station (LES) spurious and phase noise specifications.

It is designed to simplify design and construction of one-off systems by providing a simple, versatile serial control interface and various additional functions aimed at system integrators who do not want to worry about the internals.

The synthesiser may be controlled either from a PC or other user-supplied equipment (the simple ASCII interface allows the use of almost any programming language or operating system, even the script language of a terminal emulator), or may be used with Giastar's MCU1 manual control unit.

Indirect VHF synthesiser reverse view

Features include:

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